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Хустка Майбутнє / Scarf Future

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Допоки володіємо своїм вільним словом – доти не дамо окупанту підірвати наше майбутнє!

Війна зміцнила наше слово, очистила та кристалізувалася його, наповнила непохитністю та чіткістю значень. Кожна фраза, народжена у такий неспокійний час, – цінність, яку можна і потрібно закарбовувати, носити з собою в думках чи на речах.

«Давай цінувати хвилини», «Моє серце там, де ти», «Кохай», «Пишаюся тим, як ти тримаєшся», «Я пригорну тебе до себе», «Радій», «Свобода – це стан душі», «Що крутіше, ніж сім‘я у 44млн?», «Рідні кожні 603548 км2», «Мрій», «Дякую за тебе», «Радій», «Вірю в тебе» – саме від таких і подібних слів душа наповнюється силою – силою, що переконує, що «Ми вільні творити майбутнє», навіть коли над нами чигають ракетні погляди заздрісних ницих душ. Ми вільні – а значить, ми про майбутнє!


As long as we own our free word, we will not let the occupant blow up our future!

The war has strengthened our word, purified and crystallized it, filled it with steadfastness and clarity of meaning. Every phrase born in such a troubled time is a value that can and should be imprinted, carried with us in our thoughts or belongings.

"Let's appreciate the minutes," "My heart is where you are," "Love," "Proud of the way you hold on," "I'll hold you close to me," "Rejoice," "Freedom is a state of mind," "What's cooler than a 44mil family? ", "Rodney every 603548 km2", "Dream", "Thank you for you", "Rejoice", "I believe in you" - it is from these and similar words that the soul is filled with power - power that convinces that "We are free to create the future", even when the missile stares of jealous lowly souls are looming over us. We are free - which means we are about the future!


Матеріал: 100% шовк
Розмір: 65x65 см

Material: 100% silk
Size: 65x65 cm


In which countries can I make a purchase?

We deliver orders to Ukraine by Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta, as well as to other parts of the world by national post.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

We do our best to deliver orders as quickly as possible. The delivery within Ukraine and Europa takes up to 14 days.

Where is the support from the sale of products sent to?

We donate all proceeds from the sale of products to help Shelter Lviv and Help Ukrainian Center, it’s a shelter for women and children that temporarily left their homes.

Payment for the order at once?

Payment is made immediately after ordering on the website.

Can I return or exchange the product?

The product can be changed to another size if it doesn’t fit. It is not possible to return the product. The profits from the sales are sent straight to the organization.